menuThe current version of the programme is available here in PDF.

All sessions will be held at the University Roma Tre, via Ostiense 234 (metro station: Marconi). The room where each session will be held is now indicated in the PDF programme.

If you are presenting a paper, please make sure to be at the venue well in advance: chairs will enforce the schedule rigorously and time will be scarce (15 minutes for each presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q/A – unless you are part of a symposium, in which case you should check with the symposium organizers). If you plan to use a computer presentation, please notice that PDF is the most stable format, although PPT is also accepted. Bring your presentation on a USB stick and upload it on the room computer before the session starts, or alternatively bring your own laptop and whatever adapter may be needed (Mac users, beware!).

If you are presenting a poster, you have to print it on your own (100 X 70 cm, vertically oriented, preferably in colors and high resolution) and bring it to the conference venue. Space to showcase the posters will be made available next to the room for keynote talks (Aula Magna), and conference participants will be encouraged to browse the posters during lunch and coffee breaks.

If you have not already registered, please do so at your earliest convenience, and in any case no later than November 24, 2014. Failure to register by that date (at least one author for each paper) will lead to exclusion from the programme. We encourage participants to register for the full event (AISC+CODISCO), in order to benefit from the reduced rate and access the whole conference. See here for details on rates and registration.

For further updates on the programme and the conference, please check this website regularly.